All organisations need funding. Although we are strongly linked to the RAF, each squadron is a registered charity and responsible for raising its own money to pay for items such as camping equipment, computers, radios and much more. This we couldn't do without the generosity of the public. Each year cadets, staff and the civilian committee members take part in a number of fundraising activities, such as bag packing, sponsored walks and our open day. The civilian committee  also run a 100 Club, where people purchase a number for £10 annually and then a monthly draw takes place at the end of each month. 50% of the money raised is paid out in prizes and the other 50% is spent on equipment for the cadets.

to join our 100 Club please see here: 100 Club




Each cadet provides a small subscription of £12 a month, which goes towards funding the many activities that they undertake. National and international camps and expeditions may lead to extra costs - but we will always keep these to a minimum. We want the organisation to be available to everyone and staff are happy to discuss cost-related issues with parents at any time.

The squadron must provide the rest of the required funding, primarily through the fundraising efforts of the Civilian Committee that each has. We're always looking for parents who are keen to get involved with their squadron's Committee or would like to become a volunteer!


The Squadron's Civilian Committee is responsible for raising funds for the Cadets. This is done by a vareity of methods such as raffles & bag packs.


This year the Staff and Committee Members have come up with “The Everest Challenge”. The Cadets will work in pairs and over the course of 2 days they will ascend and descend Constitution Hill (situated on the North end of Aberystwyth Promenade) the required equivalent times it would take to ascend Mount Everest.

We have already secured sponsorship from Aberystwyth Town Council and Ty Nant who have very generously donated enough bottled water to keep the Cadets and Staff going during the duration of the challenge.

Can you help us?

We still require support for this challenge and would welcome further sponsorship either in goods or monetary. If you can help, please email us at adj.561@aircadets.org.


Eifion Parry

Squadron Adjutant 

561 Squadron

Air Training Corps

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